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board of the non profit organisation WCU-Dance                     

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Boardmembers :

Gert Daniels (director, founder)

dr Raju L. Boedt (co-founder)

Chris Camp (Vlaams-Brabant)

Sofie-Ann Bracke (Antwerp)

Mozes Cosijn (Oost-Vlaanderen)


Dina Mouton (West-Vlaanderen)

Yentl De Werdt (Limburg, contemporary dance)

Bhumika Parekh (Limburg, bollywood dance)


WCU-Dance is a non profit organisation bringing dance to schools in Belgium. Skilled dance choreographers or danceteachers bring educational workshops for todlers, kids en teenagers. Our organization is grateful for our freelance danceteachers and volunteers, these wonderful dancers and pillars of WCU-Dance :


Thanks to the TEAM of dance coaches and choreographers :


Annemie Maes

Bhumika Parekh

Caroline s 'Jegers

Dina Mouton

Domi Meys

Elke Duquesne

Els Beuls

Gerd Parquin

Gert Daniels

Gitta Weytjens

Hilde Broeckhove

Hilde d'Haeyere

Hilde Naedts

Katya Verbrugghe

Laetitia Tilliet

Liesbeth Leroy

Marijke Aerts

Marion Demanet

Mayke Peeters

Mozes Cosijn

Patricia Budini

Patrick Fasseur

Valerie Cluydts

Yentl De Werdt


Gert Daniels : director vzw WCU-Dance, founder & volunteer ! 

(www.gertdaniels.dance, en www.mannennetwerk.eu


Members of the Council : Gert Daniels, Sofie-Ann Bracke, Mozes Cosijn, dr Raju Boedt, Chris Camp

Seat and location of vzw WCU-Dance : Wijgmaalsesteenweg 192 A, 3020 Herent Belgium.



Special thanks to co-founder Maggie Nauwelaers who started in april 2010 together with Gert Daniels this non profit organisation, and who brought her enthousiastic and wize approach for the benefit of the children! She trained some of the teachers, founded the academy, worked together in the first see performance and many other fields of work. She started her own non profit organisation in 2015 : vzw Hartenmagie (www.hartenmagie.be). Welcome to visit her website!



Many thank also to our godfather of World-Children-Unity-Dance : JEAN BOSCO SAFARI

He is a warm and caring man, a wonderful musician and devoted to the children of tomorow's world.

A link to his website : http://www.jeanboscosafari.be/




Last but not least many thanks to all the volunteers that contribute to World-Children-Unity-Dance.


Have a nice day,


Gert & team WCU-Dance vzw


we see you dance





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Gert Daniels             00++32++498.27-67-71
Living & working in Belgium & Gran Canaria, Spain
Director, founder, admin and volunteer in this non profit organisation WCU-Dance. www.wcud.be
www.gertdaniels.dance (social-eco-educational-travels)
www.mannennetwerk.eu (coaching young men, mencircles, conference organizer)
sales at fireprotection Sicli nv (www.sicli.be)












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