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Every year WCU-Dance chooses one project to concentrate our actions on.

We prefer projects with long term effects, set up by Flemish zealous people.

This one project is sponsored  for one school year.

All donations we receive during that year are wholy transferred to this selected project.

All profits from WCU-Dance benefit actions are also transferred to this specific project.

In addition, all funds raised during the set-up of the school dance contest, are fully transferred to the street children.


Sponsorproject last schoolyear 2010-2011 : INDIAS ORPHANS


Last school year we chose to work with the India’s Orphans organisation. We fully believe in - and therefore commit to - their philosophy: to give the street children in Pathari, India,  a warm and supporting home. India’s Orphans has recently bought land, a terrain big enough to harbour small family houses and the necessary facilities to welcome the street children and their new parents and monitors. www.indiasorphans.eu


Sponsorproject this schoolyear 2011-2012 : MORNING TEARS, China.


During this schoolyear (2011-2012) we will focus our attention on Morning Tears. This project for the sheltering of streetchildren and children of convicted prisoners in China, is locally guided in the most loving and passionate way by Koen Sevenants. For further information, please visit their website : www.morningtears.com


Some pictures of the flowermandala-dance for peace... a workshop we did with Chinese and Belgian kids.

You can also watch the wonderful movie (6minutes) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W5_niyw3ck




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