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World-Children-Unity-Dance is all about a dream! A dream of lovingly uniting all children of the world through dance!

Touching children’s hearts, giving them a chance to make contact with their body and soul, giving them a chance to be who they really are... that’s our main goal.

By combining the “street children” theme with dance, movement, yoga, meditation, visualisation, stories and acting, creativity and play, we invite children on this exciting trip to their inner world – and thus opening a new world for them. Children are tomorrow’s world!



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you can interpretate WCU-Dance as follows : 'We See You Dance'


Our aim

WCUDWCUDBy the aims of a yearly dancing contest and workshops for children, (the functioning of schools : see home page: click on the heart logo at the top of this page) we want to  make Flemish children aware of the situation of streetchildren.

Our foundation WCU-Dance is a motor, a catalytic converter which offers to various projects around streetchildren all over the world a positive stimulant and a good opportunity to grow. At present, we mainly support projects of Belgian founders. 

Through a team of teachers specialized in dancing and movement therapies such as yoga, crea, visualisations, stories and play, children are made aware of their own body to be able to come to a loving interaction with children in their surroundings and of course with the street children of the third World.

Thanks to this new interactive style of learning, children will unconsciously be stimulated to think more about their own life-style and consumption habits and hopefully they will understand much better their own luxury position. Probably they will automatically take more responsibility for those who are not in such a comfortable position. 

As a foundation without profit we also want to give an ecological example to our Mother Earth. There is only one 'Planet Earth' for our children of the future. That is why we have to take good care over Her. We also include the ecological theme in our workshops.

Government / Development goals and final terms

The final terms, as determined by the Government, state that children should be placed in environments which are empowering and learnful for the children. Through this way, they receive many chances to be able to take power over their own learning process. This profoundly means that the interacting style of teaching should be varied and challenging, it should invite the children to collaborate and learn.

A harmonious growing process of the child´s personality asks a balanced treatment on all development areas of the child.  That means that next to cognitive and motorical components, also the social-emotional aspects should be addressed to, to be able to speak of a solid education. Through this Active Learning method, many gates open for the children to built up skills and learn positive attitudes. Education coming from Life calls on the joint effort of cognitive, motorical, affective, social, technical and artistic skills. That is how different goals are being strived at and achieved namely to communicate, collaborate, make agreements , explore, work self-independently, undertake, finding solutions, choosing, taking decisions and learning how to act accordingly. Children are curious and eager to learn and also develop as such their talents and skills outside the school. That makes the functioning of WCU-Dance so unique. That is how we introduce children in a World that they did not know or experienced before.  Moreover the motorical abilities have to be developed (= moving possibilities of the child, also basic and specific skills). Therefore we give importance to building up a good and firm physical condition (through dancing, movement expression and yoga poses) and insight in the development of a healthy and safe life-style. Through moving, children learn more about their own social functioning, more specifically about themselves and others. They learn how to work together, to help and support each other.

The final terms for a good World orientation and development of good, social skills for children go well together with the motorical development therapies. 

That is why our WCU-Dance workshops contribute to a positive development and growing process of the child on each of all of these levels.


Sponsor Project School Year 2010-2011

Each year one project will be selected. This school year we chose for the foundation Indias Orphans. We already sponsor this foundation for quit some time because we sincerely believe in their philosophy : street children in Pathari,  to offer them a  warm welcome ´home´ in India on the spot. Indias Orphans recently bought a huge land on which they will, with our help, built little family houses and sanitary facilities for offering a new home to street children with their new parents/supervisors.

More information on : www.indiasorphans.eu




Numerous projects on streetchildren already exist but what makes WCU-Dance so unique, is that we approach school children in a playful and creative way by means of DANCING. The mega dancing contest and the dancing workshops for children given in schools are a nice way to make children enthusiastic on the theme of street children.

We could dwell over this theme around streetchildren but we prefer to give you the website of the organization Vzw Mobile School in Leuven.  They already work for a long time in Flemish schools and work on this theme of ´streetchildren and education´ in a fascinating way. We admire their dedication for streetchildren for years on end and are happy to be able to work together with them.  Take a look at their conveniently arranged website with exciting and learnful information on street children :






Future plans


Each year new projects are being examined and taken up in theWCU-Dance program.



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'Other street children'

Next to the children abroad, we can not forget the ´other´ streetchildren in our own little Belgium.



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